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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
06 December 2010 @ 01:35 am
Derp derp copied pasted from daily_lolita lol

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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
10 November 2010 @ 02:19 am
Scrambling to have good footage for my damn animation project

Meanwhile I was fishing on my Druid in World of Warcraft with a Horde player. It was relaxing lol
Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
26 October 2010 @ 02:39 pm
lol Bowie title.
So I don't remember if I mentioned it, because I barely read back onto my older entries. but I made a Blogger to migrate some of my stuff over. I love my LiveJournal but having a Blogger makes it easier for people to really follow me. LJ has a very personal and negative stigma to it for people who aren't used to it. I can understand that. So this is my plan with this blog and my blogger.
I'm keeping my lj for my personal "journal" and keeping up with the communities I'm a part of. I still want to share a lot of my personal sketches here as well *cough*porn*cough* and personal rants. My blogger is gonna be for everything else like talking about lolita events and clothing, more put together art, and hobby things like vidiya games.

My blogger is called Lost in thought, moibrains.blogspot.com/
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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
25 August 2010 @ 06:05 pm
3rd day of school and I have a damn test! This is bullshit ):<
It's in Japanese, no surprise, what was one though was seeing a bunch of my friends from JA1 & 2!!
Hopefully we can get through this horror together.... *ugh*

So right not I'm in the library at IVC. The library got upgraded with MACs! I'm starting to get the hang of them :x
In my animation class at Saddleback we have to use them but older models.
I might just get one of those kind if I ever break down and buy them. These 526546542564 inch screens I'm working with now are intimidating. Though.... it would be nice to use photoshop on one of these big ass screens! DX
Meh, I'm just going t blow my moneys on lolita like I've been doing lately. I pre ordered Metamorphoze's Twinkle Journey skirt. I don't normally go for sweet lolita prints but I loooooove Twinkle Journey! It reminds me of The Last Unicorn and Robot Unicorn attack!~
Also it's not a food print, I'm tired of diabetes dresses and Angelic Pretty everywhere. I liked AP but now I'm sick of them ):<

Meh, back to studying even though I don't want to.
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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
23 August 2010 @ 03:04 am
Summer is officially over.
To sum it up in a multi phrase list would have to be:

Rock Music
Sleepless Nights
Grumpy Mornings
Loveless Months

Yeah, that sums it up perfectly
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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
19 August 2010 @ 11:29 pm
So a new game of interest has been announced, Cathrine. Made from the Persona team, I'm hella excited for this. The game is going to star Vincent, a man haunted by bizarre nightmares triggered by a very attractive woman named Cathrine.
I was told that Vincent showed up in one of the Persona games talking about his nightmares, to which I replied "the hell you talking about bitch??"
But, in fact Vincent pops up in the end of Persona 3 Portable at bar after defeating NYX. He does mention his nightmares about climbing stares and what happens when you die in a dream.
Very clever ATLUS.
Here, check out the wicked PV for the game. NSFW WARNING.

It's comming out for PS3 and 360 at the moment, I'm totally picking it up when it comes out!
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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
16 August 2010 @ 01:13 am
Ladies and Germs!
Sorry to turn my pitiful blog into a sales forum but I'm desperately trying to make space in my small room before I move back in. So I'm giving up most of my prized jrock items for cold hard cash lol.
Actually I'm selling the stuff on ebay. The prices on there are not set in stone, if you'd like to cut a fwend deal I'll do things like free shipping and some dollas off ;3

This is the link to my stuff

The items include DVDs of Phantasmagoria and a signed 12012 DVD.
Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
15 August 2010 @ 05:37 pm
So I had an ordeal last night. After getting ready for work I hit my head HELLA hard. I thought nothing of it because I've hit my head before. Luckily I was in box office because I would have probably caused an accident if I was in concession.
An hour after I clocked in (I think) my brain became fuzzy as if I was drunk. Every time I moved it felt like an intense struggle, I had to concentrate extremely hard just to help customers. My co worker let my manager know after I told her I might have a concussion. He didn't want to send me home and half of me didn't want to go because I need the money. It was only after I held up a large bill sitting in my register and asking why it was there that they realized something was wrong. A few minutes earlier my manager took some money from my station and replaced it with a large bill, he even showed it to me, I have no memory of it.
I had to call my mom who took me to the emergency room, I had become extremely tired and struggled to find words when talking. At that point I had a horrible migraine but they gave me something for it. I got to go into that big doughnut x-ray machine, I remember seeing Disney stickers on the inside. The attendants were nice. After a couple of hours the doctor came to see me. I didn't have any fractions fortunately. After the paperwork, we got out at around 12 pm... I think. Mom got me Dell Taco and I was able to drive back to their place.
I have to be on watch because if I get anymore memory loss I have to go back.
At least I have some time off this week; my head still hurts but the swelling went down. Now to take it easy~
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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
14 August 2010 @ 02:13 pm
What cheers you up the most when life gets you down?

It's a combination of things, sweets, video games, and lolita.
Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better.
Letting out my womanly frustrations on a video game always helps.
Putting on a frilly dress just makes the world around me melt away~
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Bunny the Black Fire Dragoon
31 July 2010 @ 02:38 pm
I know I had promised a weekly sketch dump.... Well, I said I was going to do weekly sketch dumps. Since I haven't had my computer for the past 2 and a half months. Hell, I haven't been living in my house!
I'll be moving back there next month so I can use my lovely computer again!! woooo
Thought I should share because there will be a massive Persona 3 art post XD
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